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There are multiple scenarios in addition to Loyalty where Card Services can automate handling exception transactions and but controls around discounts to reduce abuse.

In-House Gift Cards

Start a new Gift Card program or bring your existing one in-house to reduce costs.

Transfer Points to Card Balance

Allow your Loyalty Customers to spend the points they earn by transfering Points to Dollars - email them the good news so they come back to spend them.

Automate and Limit Employee Discounts

Employee discounts are easy to pass on to friends and family. With Card Services you can place monthly or weekly discount limits and cental track the activity.

House Charge Accounts

Card services can be used to manage your "Open to Buy" for charge accounts. It can accept Payments on Account and integrate with your existing ERP or Accounting package.

Commercial Sales

Commercial Sales often require Discounts, Price Levels, and Tax Exemptions. Setting up one or more Account Profile for you Commercial Customers can automate all of these.

Return Credits

Treating Return Credits differently from Gift Cards will allow you to keep more of those return dollars in your pocket.

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