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I have an existing customer database – can you use it?

The Loyalty Services does support integration with an external customer database. We would need to learn more about your existing solution to determine the recommended integration approach.

Can I deploy Central Services on one of my existing servers or do I need a dedicated server?

Central Services is quite deployment friendly. If you have capacity in your existing servers (virtual or physical) it is more than likely we can run on it. This also applies to any Microsoft SQL Server instances you have.

I’m not ready to use all the Central Services – how easy is it to add other services later?

All the Central Services are built on top of a core platform and core data model. Adding services later often involves installing the appropriate plug-ins. This is also true for other services that we add to the platform over time.

Is Central Services licensed by seat?

The licensing model is by location (store) and features, not by seat.

How do upgrades work?

All customers who are current on maintenance receive maintenance upgrades and new releases free of charge. There may be charges for new Features or Services added to the Central Services Platform; however you would only have to pay if you wanted to purchase the new features.

Do you offer a Hosted solution?

Not currently. The solution is architected and designed to allow hosting in a “Software as a Service” model. If you are interested in this, please contact us for further discussion.

I have multiple POS solutions in different locations – can it support other POS?

Yes. The solution is built using experience from multiple POS solutions in different segments and geographies, and advised by industry data models. The POS interface is an adapter – we are always adding new POS adapters and are interesting in making your different platforms appear consistently to your in-house programs and users, and to your customers.

How do I find out if it is write for my company?

It is often easier to understand the value by looking at data from your stores. We often find it useful to start with a small services project to import data from a few of your stores to get the balling rolling.

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