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Currently no Openings Available

We currently have no openings available. All software positions are based in our Raleigh, NC office. Please feel free to check back again soon or subscribe to our newsletter as we do include openings when they are available.

Working as Part of our Team

The Software Group is a small team of experienced retail software professionals with some leveraged development assets that can be used as needed. If you compare Software Engineering to Building a House, then we are looking for a Carpenter (or Carpenter's apprentice) who can pick and use the right tool for the job and deliver something that delights the homeowner - not someone thinks every job can be solved with a table saw and nailgun.

Skills and Experience

The majority of our solutions are built using the Microsoft.NET technology, and developed in C# where possible. We are looking for creative developers who can learn quickly and are interested in coming up with simple solutions to complex problems. If you don't want to know about AppDomains and Reflection, Serialization and SOAP - then we are probably not a good fit. On the other hand if you have an interest in building something challenging and taking advantage of all that the .NET framework, WCF, WPF and the C# language have to offer, then you might be able to help us.