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Sales audit, charge-backs, bad checks, high dollar returns, and customer inquiries are just a few of the reasons why it is more and more important to have easy access to a Central Electronic Journal (EJ) – and you can get Operational Reporting from the same data.

The Flexible Search allows you to find transactions across all your stores and multiple dates using a variety of different search criteria from payment account numbers to keyed price markdown percentage.

View one of the Operational Reports or a Customized Dashboards built from the same information with Drill-Down to transaction details.

”Drill Sideways” anticipates your next question making it easy to go from one transaction to other related transaction – even if they occurred elsewhere.

Add Comments to record what you find or as a “To Do” reminder. You can then search for these comments when you need to follow up.

Get all the transaction information that is in your transaction log in a format that is easy to understand.

Store Ops Twitter?

The flexibility of the Architecture and the fact that we use the latest Microsoft® tools is illustrated by a fun demo.

Adding a simple plug-in to the transaction feed for the central electronic journal allows us to us Tweet significant events real time!

Tweet out LP exceptions, large ticket sales, flash sales updates, etc. to interesting groups within your organization. We’re ready for the future whenever you are!

ERP Integration

We’ve implemented Plug-Ins for several custom ERP Integrations against the store data feed.

The often fragile on-off approach to ERP integration that then slows down implementing new functionality in the stores really benefits from the robust transaction integrity checking and the customization and extension APIs available. ERP integration is then on a platform that stays current with POS releases and new features.

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