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Key Features: Some of the building blocks for your customized Loyalty Program.

Earn and Redeem Points

Allow your customers to earn points on what they buy, and redeem points for custom promotions. You can have multiple card levels each with their own points multiplier.

Target Discounts and Awards

Control your loyalty promotions and discounting.

Date-based Continuity Programs

Make your points-based Loyalty Program more effective by using Continuity Programs that target increased basket size or visit frequency - and report on the results.

Single Use Trackable Coupons

Coupon copying makes it impossible to predict promotion costs and measure results. Now each coupon can be redeemed once and you'll know exactly who it was sent to.

Communicate using Email and SMS

Communicate more effectively with your customers with email and SMS tempaltes for everything from purchases to thier birthday. Some examples.

Membership Enrollment and Renewal

Automate enrollment and renewal, including the ability to sell and renew membership cards at the POS and emails around expiration and enrollment.

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