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Returns are an opportunity to increase Customer Loyalty by living up to the promises you made. With staff turnover and complex systems this is a challenge to achieve consistently - and in the process a small minority often abuse the system and steal your profits.

TransAction+ Central Services Returns Management handles configuring and enforcing your policies around returns, refunds and exchanges. You can set up Return Policies that vary by store and by register. Lock down problem stores, or force returns to be done at a Service Desk.

Seasonal Policies can be used to anticipate issues or relax validation for high return periods.

Location Policies allow you to have different rules for returning merchandise purchase through your internet, catalog or even outlet store channels.

For non-receipted returns use the Lowest Selling Price over the last 90 days (you pick the period). Avoid losses due to items purchased on sale or using coupons and then returned at full price. The system tracks the lowest effective selling price across all your stores and channels.

Returns Frequency rules allow you to control how many returns (receipted or non-receipted) a customer can do in a day, in a week, in a month, in a year! Most returns abuse is limited to a small number of customers who will quickly realize that you are no longer a soft target.

Issue the correct Return Payment for your policy – whether a “send check” for large purchases, store credits, refunds against the original credit card, or cash – picking the correct payment to return automatically can result in reduced shrink.

Save more by Integrating

We can integrate with your Charge-back or bad check systems – avoid the double hit of a bad check used to buy something that is then returned.

Pluggable Rules

We know everyone is a little different – that’s why we’ve designed our rules to be pluggable. Return anything on the first Monday of the month – no problem. We can add a plug-in to handle your uniqueness.

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