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Proven Payment Solution from a company you trust.

Credit, Debit and More..

The T+ Payment Service provides you with support for all the major payment processors and networks - so you and your customers have multiple options available to make sure you get the best combination of service and price. Read more »

Pay at the Table

The Payments Service includes an optional feature to manage fixed or mobile payments terminals. This allows the customer to pay without the card ever leaving their hand, reducing the risk of identity theft and improving table turns. Read more »

Staying Current With Certifications

We are constantly updating the product to support the latest requirements and mandates from the industry. This includes features such as "balance receptive" and "partial authorization".

POS Integration

Our Payments Engine is integrated with POSitouch®, SAP POS®, and ShortCuts® to name three of the leaders in their respective segments. Contact us to ask about integration with other solutions or to replace your existing solution.

Over 10,000 Installations

The Payments Server has been installed in over 10,000 locations and has a long track record of success. Place this key area of your business in the hands of a reliable product and partner.


We have completed the latest PA-DSS Certification and have experience partnered with retailers large and small in their own certification process.

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